The information for foreign citizens

Health- improving center for children "Lesnaya Polyana"  is  located on the territory of Grodno region Smorgon district. The center is situated in the mixed forest. On the territory grow birch, pine trees, juniper. The treatment is provided from 3 years for:

- children;

- organized groups of children;

- adults;

- adults with children.

Medical profile of the organization: General therapeutic.

Permits are sold year-round.

Check – in:

- Check-in at: 8.15

- Check-out at: 22.00


Chief accountant – Bondarovich Svetlana Olegovna

Tel: 8-01592-90938

       e-mail -

       Chief  economist – Geldo Inna Mihajlovna

      Tel: 8-01592-90938

      e-mail -

 The main purpose of the center is to carry out comprehensive rehabilitation, including medical, health and leisure aspects.

Medical rehabilitation is focused on normalizing and improving the body's defenses.

Medical base:

• physiotherapy;

• water treatments (medicinal baths and showers, underwater shower-massage);

• manual massage, mechanical, combined, stone massage;

• aromatherapy;

• therapeutic exercise, including water aerobics in the pool;

• mini-sauna "cedar barrel";

• sauna with swimming pool;

• infrared sauna;

• galotherapy;

• paraffin;

• inhalation;

• mud therapy;

• dental treatment.

Diagnostic: ultrasound diagnostic, ECG diagnostic, laboratory and functional diagnostics.

There are following specialists:

- doctor labarant;

- doctor pediatrician;

- stomotologis.

Natural factors of treatment:

- aerotherapy;

- forest therapy;

- heliotherapy;

- mineral water.

Health and fitness rehabilitation includes:

- physical therapy sessions;

- classes at the gym and sports hall;

- stadium and sports grounds.

Leisure time is filled with possibilities for every taste:

- shows and musical evenings;

-karaoke-club and disco;

-group and individual classes on decorative and applied arts;

- excursion trips to historical and cultural places of the Grodno and Minsk regions;

- ecological tourism;

- cozy library with a reading room;

- psychological support and rehabilitation.


- double one-room (building 1,2,4)

- triple one-room (building 1,2,4)

- double two- room  (building 3,4)

- triple two-room (building 3,4)

 There are rooms for drying clothes and shoes, ironing; laundry room with washing (refrigerators, kettles, irons, TVs) in each building.


- Breakfast.

- Second breakfast.

- Lunch.

- Snack.

- Supper.

- Second supper.



Communication and Internet:


Mobile operators: Velcome, MTC, Life.

   Specialists of the center are participants of Republican and international scientific-practical conference on problems of population health improvement.

There is a huge experience of treatment foreign guests from Russia and Lithuania. We have only positive statements.