You are welcomed by the administration of "Lesnaya Polyana"

Director of the HICC "Lesnaya Polyana"

Director of the HICC "Lesnaya Polyana" - Hombak Anatoly Vladimirovich:

"The most important thing for us is comfort, safety and a positive result of the complex rehabilitation of every holidaymaker." In its turn, the administration ensures daily monitoring of the state of all issues of the organization's activities. "

Fax: 8-01592-90-934
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Legal address of the organization:  Village Zhodishky, 4/3. 231013 Grodno region, Smorgon district, Republic of Belarus


Khvalko Valery Vlodimirovich


Deputy Director for Engineering and Economic Work – Khvalko Valery Vlodimirovich:

"The subdivision entrusted to me works on conscience, therefore in our center there is always an order, and the best kind of rest is created for holiday-makers.”

Contact telephone: 8-01592- 90-648



Yakusheva Inessa  Stanislavovna


Deputy Director for teaching and educational work – Yakusheva Inessa  Stanislavovna:

"We are happy to all holiday-makers and with the forces of the pedagogical unit, we try to organize an interesting, useful and rich good impressions rest." We appreciate your confidence! "

Contact telephone: 8-01592-90-943




Head of Rehabilitation Department - Bravinsky Oleg Cheslavovich:

БРАВИНСКИЙ ОЛЕГ ЧЕСЛАВОВИЧ"Health improvement should be comprehensive and effective. We are striving to this result."

Contact telephone: 8-044- 725- 20- 53